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    Can someone recommend a scale for converting micro to grams etc? Weighing powders? Thanks.
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    Aminos Research Half Off Sale - Details posted

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    Vendor MOB Peptides

    Not much about them anywhere. I had email from them so ordered. Less expensive than another us supplier. I would really appreciate someone’s feedback. Did I just throw money away?
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    Rs was super energetic and irritable. I even did lowest dose.
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    Anyone else’s rs getting strange side effects ?
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    Made in China

    You’ve always been a dare devil after x. lol. Me too
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    QSC result just released.

    My batch of tirz was on point.
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    Tirzepatide vendor

    Have you received it and has it been effective?
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    QSC Retatrutide

    I just read elsewhere combing reta with tirz is not healthy due to muscle loss and heart palpitations to start.
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    Just delivered from Tracy

    Tirz gives me energy and probably a little too feisty!!!
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    Let see everyone’s weight loss results

    I’ve been at standstill in 230s for months. I’ve included sema in it. Now! I’m bringing tesofensine pills in it. Wish me luck!
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    Shanghai oudaxin new material technology co., ltd

    Has anyone heard of company mentioned above? I’m thinking of ordering tb-500 from them. Thanks y’all
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    Hebei Lingding

    That was rude of Cora to like the post about the other supplier.
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    Hebei Lingding

    Yes I was confused too. I misunderstood the spreadsheet. It said customs seized the orders. I thought the pep gave rs seizures. My bad!!!!
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    Hebei Lingding

    I’m so disappointed. I ordered from Lingding and then I see the outcome not the spreadsheet. I’m wondering if I should ask for refund? I certainly am scared to take them. What would you all do? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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    Ordered from Henan Tengmao

    True zip. True. Yes there are other sources.