Greetings fellow researchers


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May 14, 2024
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HTX, Texas
hey y’all - New account but I’ve been reading this site a few weeks now.
- reason for coming here is to find a more focused group.
- secure sourcing with high potency & quality
- prior xce research w/tirz 15. Looking for same or 30’s.

I’m 46 yr old male with a background in IT and an affinity for detail and problem solving.

Welcome PepeLePew!
IT-ish guy here who grew up with magnetic core memory and hexadecimal machine code.
My interest is also information on sourcing quality peptides.
Began my successful weight loss journey on prescribed and insured Wegovy.
Loss of group insurance prompted a switch to research Semaglutide. Stalling out at nearly the one-year mark motivated my recent switch to Tirzepatide where I now dose 7.5mg weekly.

Pepe, I think I've got weight loss handled but if you know of a peptide to cure my logorrhea...
Hey Pepe,
I also like this forum for the pronounced lack of.... noise. I was also an XCE researcher. We're now looking into other sources, and the options can feel overwhelming. I'm grateful for this space.