QSC result just released.

Now imagine that you’re selling a product that banks don’t want to facilitate, so you’re churning and burning accounts. Then someone goes posting it on the clear web for no apparent benefit to anybody (it could have been a dm if you’re helping an individual, but honestly that person should just contact the vendor). Not to mention the questionable legality of the stuff they sell — even if you’re not worried about your bootleg Ozempic they’re also selling steroids.

I’m tired of battling people who have zero sense of discretion about this stuff, I shouldn’t have said anything. clearly you guys don’t comprehend the sensitive nature of what you’re dabbling in here if you can’t take a half second to ponder why it might be poor form. I assume Gonk saw it and I’m really surprised he didn’t nuke it, it’s such a stupid thing to post on an open forum.
EWB is spot-on here and I've deleted the photo. I know it was posted with the good intentions, but there are certain things we really don't need to be sharing publicly and specifics about how we pay suppliers is one of them.
Sorry, I'm pretty new here and just wanted to help. I am in Germany at FB in a closed Mounjaroforum and thought this was the same here. The fact that I could have written a PN was not apparent to me at the time and the auxiliary idea was superficial. I also had considerable problems finding the way of the transfer with my first purchase. I learned from it and am glad that Zip has now deleted the entry. It won't happen like this anymore
The reasons are plain if you will think about it a moment @ShePreferzTirz
Imagine the possible results if you posted your own checking account's Bank Routing and Account numbers openly on the web along with your name and address. Would that have a pleasant outcome do you think?

Added to that is Novo Nordisk and Eli Lily's legal teams attempting to suppress distribution of semaglutide and tirzepatide around the world.

This exposure is very poor form, @Mounjamen !
Thanks for sharing that. Now she knows, and everyone who encounters this forum will know too. See how that works 😁