Alternate places for testing


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Aug 2, 2023
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I've seen MZ Biolabs & Janoshik listed as places to send vials for testing, but has there been much research into other options?

I haven't used either, so this isn't because of an issue - more out of curiosity.

I started doing a web search, but did notice some require the samples to come from a business, not someone sending them in personally.

So before I spend time digging, I wanted to ask if this is something that's been researched already. Maybe the info was lost in the big takedown ?
My understanding is that right now Janoshik and MZ are the only places that both have both TZ and SG reference samples and will provide their services to individuals and not just companies.

Jano mentioned that there are no known sources for certified reference samples of TZ so he had to make his own, and I would have to guess MZ did something similar (maybe using genuine MJ pens? I dunno.). From what I understand (and I'm only working from what I've read on the interwebz and have no experience in this) a reference sample is required to properly calibrate the equipment to determine purity, and that quantity is done with a 280nm UV spectrometer.

Again, this is all going from memory of information Jano posted on the nuked discord and everything I've said could be wrong lol. I'm going to send both Jano and Ken from MZ emails to invite them to join us here and maybe they can help contribute to our understanding of all this.