Future Peptide Availability

How concerned are you about weight loss peptides being banned or otherwise unavailable in the near future?
Now there is a great question. These pharma companies are most likely spending night and day lobbying the government to crack down on alternate sources. My guess is it depends on the administration and how they would assign resources to do this. It would be difficult to try to crack down on this when they can’t even stop drugs and guns from coming into the country. So would they really divert resources from those things so you can’t get your peptides? Doubtful.
They will always be available. Just like Letits Now said they really can't stop anything from getting into the country, and substances that actually make people healthier and improve their lives is probably not going to ever be at the top of their priority list.

That being said, how people will get them and from who is already changing and will likely continue. More and more of the Chinese suppliers are going to stop dealing directly with end-user customers and only sell to businesses buying large quantities. Part of that is the problem of payments, and part of it is the way it brings unwanted attention to certain companies over there including the various shipping and logistics methods they use to get stuff into the US.

Most end-users are not buying their fentanyl or precursors direct from China, and peptides are likely going to be the same way eventually.