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Aug 1, 2023
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Please review the following guidelines regarding posting images or files of test results/COA's, and only post if:

1. A vendor has voluntarily provided you the test and consented to you sharing the it publicly (or they've already posted it publicly elsewhere), or
2. You have permission to post the test from the party who paid for it (please mention who gave permission), or
3. You are the party that paid for the test (if you want to redact personal identifying information, that's understandable), or
4. You are posting to demonstrate that a seller is fraudulently offering altered test results as their own, and in such a situation identifying the seller and including screen caps of any WhatsApp chats, etc. will be helpful in giving everyone an understanding of their deception.


1. Pretty much any test/COA that QSC or any other overseas supplier posts anywhere is fine to post without consent unless you were specifically asked not to.
2. If Arctic/Focal/Phat Strength/etc. (any domestic seller) emails you a test to demonstrate what you are purchasing from them and they don't provide consent or that test isn't already publicly available on their website, then it should not be posted.

SPECIAL NOTE: Test results from private groups that are not intended to be public are not welcome here. If and when such groups allow the results to be released to the public, they should only be posted by someone authorized by the group to do so.

Posting text results ("Senwayer's 5mg semaglutide tested at 98.4% purity and 3.71mg") is permitted, but please use your best judgment and discretion.

If you see test results posted that you or your group paid for and did not consent to being posted, please DM me and I will remove it asap.
Not open for further replies.