Justification for our hoarding


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Aug 25, 2023
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I’m going to sit down one day and tally up how much I’ve spent. I’ve been trying to avoid using math on my peptide habit.

But I do know that I’ve got over 50k worth if I spent full pharma price and I’ve spent a fraction of that!
I recommend not doing that lol. My purchases are logged in a spreadsheet so it was easy and I regret knowing 🙃 I was like "What? That can't be right?"
Yeah. That’s going to happen to me. I’m going to be shocked. I’m going to face the music another day!

I’m done with glp hoarding (I think!) but I’ve moved on to other peptides now!
Jeez, this is sounding like retirement planning. Do I have enough for the 4% withdrawal rule in tirzepatide? 😂
As much as I hate pharma companies, their stock will be a good retirement investment.
My next move will be looking for a pharma ETF or mutual fund that have Eli Lilly and Novo Norodisk.
Meanwhile, I'll continue to hoard as I can see myself on GLP-1s in some form for the rest of my functional life.
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